Jacqueline Saunders

Related objects

1980.006.C0001, 23PI23: surface

1980.006.C0003, 23PI91: surface

1980.006.C0004, 23PI96: surface

1980.006.C0005, 23PI97: surface

1980.006.C0006, 23PI99: surface

1980.006.C0007, 23PI101: surface

1980.006.C0008, 23PI102: surface

1980.006.C0009, 23PI106: surface

1980.006.C0010, 23PI107: surface

1980.006.C0011, 23PI108: surface

1980.006.C0012, 23PI109: surface

1980.006.C0013, 23PI110: surface

1980.006.C0014, 23PI112: surface

1980.006.C0015, 23PI113: surface

1980.006.C0016, 23PI116: surface

1980.006.C0017, 23PI117: surface

1980.006.C0018, 23PI118: surface

1980.006.C0019, 23PI120: surface

1980.006.C0020, 23PI121: surface

1980.006.C0021, 23PI122: surface

1980.006.C0022, 23PI123: surface

1980.006.C0023, 23PI124: surface

1980.006.C0024, 23PI125: surface

1980.006.C0025, 23PI126: surface

1980.006.C0026, 23PI127: surface

1980.006.C0027, 23PI131: surface

1980.006.C0028, 23PI132: surface

1980.006.C0029, 23PI134: surface

1980.006.C0030, 23PI135: surface

1980.006.C0031, 23PI136: surface

1980.006.C0032, 23PI137: surface

1980.006.C0033, 23PI138: surface

1980.006.C0034, 23PI139: surface

1980.006.C0035, 23PI140: surface

1980.006.C0036, 23PI141: surface

1980.006.C0037, 23PI142: surface

1980.006.C0038, Pike County Sec 18 Isolated Find: surface

1980.006.C0039, 23PI101: surface, 1 meter transect next to fence

1980.006.C0040, 23PI101: surface, higher lobe portion of the site

1980.006.C0041, 23PI101: surface, lower terrace 10m N of the parallel to creek

1980.006.C0042, 23PI101: surface, lower terrace