1969.001; Gavin Sampson (Donation)

Archeology Accession

(1969 & 1970 donation). Prior to 1969, Gavin Sampson made numerous surface collections of archaeological materials from throughout Allamakee and Winneshiek Counties. Collection includes diagnostics such as ceramic wares, projectile points, and other stone tools; over 15,000 individual archaeological objects in this donation.

Related Sites
13AM01 Flatiron Terrace
13AM02B Hesters Place II
13AM03 Mineral Creek
13AM06 Malone Terrace
13AM07 Old Flynn Place
13AM08 Iverson's Site
13AM09 Iverson's Terrace
13AM10 New Albin Terrace
13AM11 Thompson's Site
13AM12A Zeiman's Farm Site I
13AM14 Bear Creek Camp, Burke's Camp
13AM15 Blake's Bridge
13AM16 Burke's Bridge South
13AM23 Sand Cove, New Albin "Y" Site
13AM24 Little Desert
13AM25 Clamshell Cache
13AM26 Madden Terrace
13AM29 Wine's Cabin
13AM30 High Ridge Site I
13AM31 Waukon Junction Bridge
13AM32 Waukon Junction School House, Waukon Junction Mound Group
13AM35 Arenson's Bridge Site
13AM36 Arenson's Bridge North Site
13AM39 Ferris Mills
13AM41 Schulte High Ridge Site
13AM42 Weymiller Village, Weymiller Terrace Village Site, Weymiller Mound Group
13AM43A Flynn Burial Area I
13AM43B Flynn Burial Area II
13AM43C Flynn Burial Area III
13AM45 McKee Terrace
13AM46 Fish Farm Village Site
13AM47 Spike Hollow Rockshelter
13AM49 Fish Farm Cave (rockshelter) and Petroglyphs
13AM51 Beardmore Cache, Ed Wild's Farm
13AM52 Oneota Camp
13AM53 Iverson's Bridge Site
13AM54 Kain's Siding Site
13AM55 Old Laughlin Place, Wild Irishman Site
13AM57 Thorson Rockshelters
13AM58 Novak's High Ridge Site
13AM60 Malone Cemetery
13AM61 Woolstrom Village and Cemetery
13AM62 Beardmore West
13AM63 Beardmore East, Gang Village Site
13AM64 Clear Creek Site
13AM65 Opheim Beach Site
Related Contexts
1969.001.C0000: Context Unknown
1969.001.C0001: 13AM01: Surface
1969.001.C0002: 13AM01: Level 1
1969.001.C0003: 13AM2: Surface
1969.001.C0004: 13AM2: Area A, pit 1
1969.001.C0005: 13AM2: Area A, pit 2
1969.001.C0006: 13AM2: Area A, pit 3
1969.001.C0007: 13AM2: Area A, pit 4
1969.001.C0008: 13AM2: Area A, pit 5
1969.001.C0009: 13AM2: Area A, Fire Pit
1969.001.C0010: 13AM2: Area B
1969.001.C0011: 13AM3: Surface
1969.001.C0012: 13AM4: Surface
1969.001.C0013: 13AM4: Area A, Surface
1969.001.C0014: 13AM4: Area B, Surface
1969.001.C0015: 13AM5: Area A, Surface
1969.001.C0016: 13AM5: Area B, Surface
1969.001.C0017: 13AM6: Surface
1969.001.C0018: 13AM7: Surface
1969.001.C0019: 13AM8: Surface
1969.001.C0020: 13AM9: Surface
1969.001.C0021: 13AM10: Surface
1969.001.C0022: 13AM11: Surface
1969.001.C0023: 13AM12A: Surface
1969.001.C0024: 13AM12B: Surface
1969.001.C0025: 13AM13A: Surface

1969.001.C0026: 13AM13B: Surface
1969.001.C0027: 13AM14: Surface
1969.001.C0028: 13AM15: Surface
1969.001.C0029: 13AM16: Surface
1969.001.C0030: 13AM16A: Surface
1969.001.C0031: 13AM16B: Surface
1969.001.C0032: 13AM18: Surface
1969.001.C0033: 13AM18A: Surface
1969.001.C0034: 13AM18B: Surface
1969.001.C0035: 13AM19: Surface
1969.001.C0036: 13AM20: Surface
1969.001.C0037: 13AM21: Surface
1969.001.C0038: 13AM23: Surface
1969.001.C0039: 13AM23: Refuse Pit
1969.001.C0040: 13AM24: Surface
1969.001.C0041: 13AM25: Surface
1969.001.C0042: 13AM25: Clamshell Cache
1969.001.C0043: 13AM26: Surface
1969.001.C0044: 13AM28: Surface
1969.001.C0045: 13AM29: Surface
1969.001.C0046: 13AM30: Surface
1969.001.C0047: 13AM31: Surface
1969.001.C0048: 13AM32: Surface
1969.001.C0049: 13AM33: Surface
1969.001.C0050: 13AM34: Surface
1969.001.C0051: 13AM35: Surface
1969.001.C0052: 13AM36: Surface
1969.001.C0053: 13AM37: Surface
1969.001.C0054: 13AM37: Surface
1969.001.C0055: 13AM38: Surface
1969.001.C0056: 13AM39: Surface
1969.001.C0057: 13AM40: Surface

1969.001.C0058: 13AM41: Surface
1969.001.C0059: 13AM42: Surface
1969.001.C0060: 13AM43: Surface
1969.001.C0061: 13AM43: Scattered Burial Area
1969.001.C0062: 13AM43: Burial #1
1969.001.C0063: 13AM43: Burial #2
1969.001.C0064: 13AM43: Burial #3
1969.001.C0065: 13AM43: Burial #3
1969.001.C0066: 13AM44: Surface
1969.001.C0067: 13AM44: Firepit
1969.001.C0068: 13AM45: Surface
1969.001.C0069: 13AM46: Surface
1969.001.C0070: 13AM48: Surface
1969.001.C0071: 13AM49: Surface
1969.001.C0072: 13AM51: Surface
1969.001.C0073: 13AM52: Surface
1969.001.C0074: 13AM53: Surface
1969.001.C0075: 13AM54: Surface
1969.001.C0076: 13AM55: Surface
1969.001.C0077: 13AM55: Cache
1969.001.C0079: 13AM57: Surface
1969.001.C0080: 13AM58: Surface
1969.001.C0081: 13AM60: Surface
1969.001.C0082: 13AM60: Surface
1969.001.C0083: 13AM60: Burial #1
1969.001.C0084: 13AM60: Burial #2
1969.001.C0085: 13AM60: Burial #3
1969.001.C0086: 13AM60: Near Burial #3
1969.001.C0087: 13AM60: Near Burial #1
1969.001.C0088: 13AM60: Burial #2
1969.001.C0089: 13AM60: Near Burial #3
1969.001.C0090: 13AM60: pit
1969.001.C0091: 13AM60: Unknown
1969.001.C0092: 13AM60: Unknown
1969.001.C0093: 13AM60: Unknown
1969.001.C0094: 13AM61: Surface
1969.001.C0095: 13AM62: Surface
1969.001.C0096: 13AM63: Surface
1969.001.C0097: 13AM64: Surface
1969.001.C0098: 13AM65: Surface
1969.001.C0099: 13WH00: Near St. Lucas, IA
1969.001.C0100: 13WH00: Surface
1969.001.C0101: 13WH01: Surface
1969.001.C0102: 13WH02: Surface
1969.001.C0103: 13WH04: Surface
1969.001.C0104: 13WH08: Surface
1969.001.C0105: 13WH09: Surface
1969.001.C0106: 13WH10: Surface
1969.001.C0107: 13WH11: Surface
1969.001.C0108: 13WH12: Surface
1969.001.C0109: 13WH13: Surface
1969.001.C0110: 13WH14: Surface
1969.001.C0111: 13WH15: Surface
1969.001.C0112: 13WH16: Surface
1969.001.C0113: 13WH17: Surface
1969.001.C0114: 13WH18: Surface
1969.001.C0115: 13WH19: Surface
1969.001.C0116: 13WH21: Surface
1969.001.C0117: 13WH24: Surface
1969.001.C0118: 13WH26: Surface
1969.001.C0119: 13WH29: Surface
1969.001.C0120: 13WH30: Surface
1969.001.C0121: 13WH31: Surface
1969.001.C0122: 13WH33: Surface
1969.001.C0123: 13WH34: Surface
1969.001.C0124: 13WH35: Surface
1969.001.C0125: 13WH37: Surface
1969.001.C0126: 13WH38: Surface
1969.001.C0127: 13WH39: Surface
1969.001.C0128: 13WH40: Surface
1969.001.C0129: 13WH41: Surface
1969.001.C0130: 13WH42: Surface
1969.001.C0131: 13WH43: Surface
1969.001.C0132: 13WH44: Surface
1969.001.C0133: 13WH45: Surface
1969.001.C0134: 13WH46: Surface
1969.001.C0135: 13WH47: Surface
1969.001.C0136: 13WH48: Surface
1969.001.C0137: 13WH49: Surface
1969.001.C0138: 13WH50: Surface
1969.001.C0139: 13WH51: Surface
1969.001.C0140: 13WH52: Surface
1969.001.C0141: 13WH53: Surface
1969.001.C0142: 13WH53A: Surface
1969.001.C0143: 13WH54: Surface
1969.001.C0144: 13WH55: Surface
1969.001.C0145: 13WH55A: Surface
1969.001.C0146: 13WH56B: Surface
1969.001.C0147: 13WH56: Surface
1969.001.C0148: 13WH58: Surface
1969.001.C0149: 13WH59: Surface
1969.001.C0150: 13WH60: Surface
1969.001.C0151: 13WH61: Surface
1969.001.C0152: 13WH63: Surface
1969.001.C0153: 13WH65: Surface
1969.001.C0154: 13WH66: Surface
1969.001.C0155: 13WH67: Surface
1969.001.C0156: 13WH68: Surface
1969.001.C0157: 13WH69: Surface
1969.001.C0158: 13WH70: Surface
1969.001.C0159: 13WH71: Surface
1969.001.C0160: 13WH72: Surface
1969.001.C0161: 13WH73: Surface
1969.001.C0162: 13WH74: Surface
1969.001.C0163: 13WH75: Surface
1969.001.C0164: 13WH76: Surface
1969.001.C0165: 13WH77: Surface
1969.001.C0166: 13WH78: Surface
1969.001.C0167: 13WH82: Surface
1969.001.C0168: 13WH83: Surface
1969.001.C0169: 13WH84: Surface
1969.001.C0170: 13WH85: Surface
1969.001.C0171: 13WH87: Surface