E0242: Inuit- Hafted Tool, Scraper


Classification Category:
4:Tools & Equipment for Materials ➞ Leather, Horn, Shellworking, T&E
242-A written on tool above hole in black 242-B on stone in black on white paint?
botanical ➔ wood
stone/minerals ➔ slate
animal ➔ baleen
15.5 cm L
2 cm W
Provenance of Object:
This object was held in the museum that Luther College started in 1877. This museum eventually grew into the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, and following this, non-Norwegian American ethnographic objects were returned to Luther and accessioned into the college’s Anthropology Collection. Without additional documentation, was likely obtained by the Luther College Museum (later the Norwegian-American Museum) between the late 19th century and early 20th century.
Ethnic Group:
Native American ➞ Inuit
Source Locality:
Alaska, USA
Inuit scraper tool made of wood, slate, and baleen.
Related Collections
Accession: 1996.ETHN62, 1/1/96 Donated by: Unknown (1996.ETHN62)