E1338A: Japanese Zori


Classification Category:
3:Personal Artifacts ➞ Clothing ➞ Footwear
From the manufacturer: "Blar" "Made in Japan" "8" From the Boston Children's Museum: AB xx163 From Luther College: E1338A
botanical ➔ straw
synthetic ➔ plastic
fabric ➔ felt
fabric ➔ cordage
21 cm L
8 cm W
Thickness: 1 cm
Provenance of Object:
Zori are sandals that are traditional Japanese footwear. They are typically flat and have a thong strap. They resemble "flip-flops." they can be made from a variety of materials including straw, cloth, wood, leather, and synthetic materials. They are typically worn with traditional clothing such as kimono. Recently people have been wearing them with western clothing, especially during the summer time.
Ethnic Group:
Asian ➞ Japanese
Production Date:
Modern (plastic)
Traditional footwear for indoor and outdoor use. The wear on this one suggests it was probably worn outdoors.
Source Locality:
Found in Boston Children's Museum collection in 1982. In 2016 the Boston Children's Museum gifted the object to the Luther College Ethnographic Collection.
Acquisition Date:

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