E0914: Zulu- Gourd Rattle


Classification Category:
6:Tools & Equipment for Communication ➞ Musical T&E
botanical ➔ gourd
fabric ➔ thread
9 cm L
8 cm W
8 cm H
Ethnic Group:
African ➞ Zulu
This is one of many types of gourd rattles in South Africa. The makers spend hours working on the net that covers the hallowed-out gourd. One by one, they attach dried seeds to it or colorful plastic beads like the one in the picture. Shakers and rattles play a big role in traditional African religions. They may call spirits in sacred ceremonies or emphasize the words and actions of important people. In more modern societies though, kids use them as toys and musicians as fun. The dry, high-pitched and pretty loud sound of this instrument drives and spices up Zulu music. It is worth noting that this particular rattle is missing a handle.
Source Locality:
Natal, South Africa
Acquisition Date:
Rattle used for making music.