E0011: Yukuna, Woven Hat


Classification Category:
3:Personal Artifacts ➞ Clothing ➞ Headwear ➞ Hat
TAG: "Hat worn by South American Indians"
botanical ➔ fiber
35.5 cm L
21 cm W
Provenance of Object:
This object was held in the museum that Luther College started in 1877. This museum eventually grew into the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, and following this, non-Norwegian American ethnographic objects were returned to Luther and accessioned into the college’s Anthropology Collection. Without additional documentation, was likely obtained by the Luther College Museum (later the Norwegian-American Museum) between the late 19th century and early 20th century.
Ceremonial Hat
A brown fiber hat that is cone-shaped from Columbia in the region of the Mirití-Paraná river. The hat was used in a ceremony called “Baile de Muñeco” or Dance of the Spirit. The ceremony would last for several days which included dressing up as animal spirits and dancing. The dance was performed to gain favor with the Spirits of the Animals, thanking them for their importance in the world.
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Accession: 1996.ETHN62, 1/1/96
Donated by: Unknown