E1116: Hmong Pandau Reverse Applique, Elephants Foot Motif


Classification Category:
8:Communication Artifacts ➞ Art/Folk Art
fabric ➔ cloth ➔ cotton
74.5 cm L
77.5 cm W
Ethnic Group:
Asian ➞ Hmong
Source Locality:
Decorah, Iowa
Acquisition Date:
January 30 2015
This pandau is handmade from Decorah in the 1980s. It has two notable symbols that are common in Hmong textiles. The thin red bands that loop around the center 6 times, create the elephants foot, which symbolizes prosperity. The solid red triangles on the corners and within the elephants foot arm tiger/shark teeth (or can even be mountains) which will thwart against attacks by malevolent forces/spirits, thus protecting an individual or group of people. This motif appears because of its significance to the Hmong, who lived in the hills of Laos
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