E0184: Baleen


Classification Category:
10:Unclassifiable Artifacts ➞ Unmodified
TAG:"Whale bone from the Bowhead. Nome, Alaska."
animal ➔ baleen
botanical ➔ fiber
41 cm L
5 cm W
Provenance of Object:
This object was held in the museum that Luther College started in 1877. This museum eventually grew into the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, and following this, non-Norwegian American ethnographic objects were returned to Luther and accessioned into the college’s Anthropology Collection. Without additional documentation, was likely obtained by the Luther College Museum (later the Norwegian-American Museum) between the late 19th century and early 20th century.
Baleen is essentially the filtering system of the whale and is very similar to the teeth. The krill is filtered through a large amount of the baleen in order for the whale to ingest. Baleen is used for many tools made by the Inuit.
Source Locality:
Nome, Alaska, USA
Several strips of baleen, or fibers from a whale's mouth, tired together with a piece of rope.
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Accession: 1996.ETHN62, 1/1/96
Donated by: Unknown